What's in a name?

You may wonder what 4winds of Change has to do with our commitment to a diverse group of businesses - all of which we are passionate about. Well, we chose the name for two reasons.

First, Farm of Four Winds was the historic name of our family homestead for the past century. Named by our great-grandparents, this land has seen five generations of births, deaths, weddings, holidays, dogs, cats, pigs, chickens and horses - and we are located here today. We live on the same land, in a home just south of the old farmhouse with our four rescue dogs Blu, Milly, Peach and Andy.

But more importantly, winds are evocative of sweeping change, and our sweeping conviction is that there is a vastly better approach to being in business, one that is guided by our four beliefs.

We are all one: one family, one community, one region and one world.

We lead with our hearts: our hearts, not our business priorities, drive our plans and actions. We use our business experience to implement those plans.

We look for ways to help: we focus on making a positive impact in our community and encourage others to embrace this philosophy.

We share our interests, our passions, and fruits of our labor with others and hope we inspire others to do the same.

A Few of Our Sites

Cheryl T Campbell

Cheryl is the Principal and Founder of 4winds of Change, an internet based corporation that is the parent company of several online properties. She is a bestselling author and high achieving serial entrepreneur specializing in New Media Marketing.

One of her great joys is teaching other women how to turn their passion into a profitable online business by packaging their knowledge into high value informational products and positioning themselves as an expert in their field. 

Solutions with Style

What happens when two women with a passion for food and cooking come together? An explosion of information that will be educational, innovative and creative, informative, entertaining and engaging. First and foremost, we will provide you with high quality products, interesting food clubs, cooking lessons and more.

Natural Dog Food's Canine Chatter

One of our original product sites. I took down the "store" when I became unhappy with the quality of products available through drop shipping.

We are currently working with a manufacturer to create our own label of dog supplements that will be available in the fall of 2016. In the meantime, we will feature some great products that are available through Amazon. The products come highly recommended because we use them ourselves or we've done the research for you. Plus it's just plain old fun to meet the pups! Visit starting June 15th 2016!

Cooking Up Barbecue

Our New eCommerce Store that is all about summer and barbecuing. Recommendations for the best equipment, reviews and delicious recipes.

A Yoga Place

Another of our eCommerce Stores.  This one reflects my love of yoga! 

Our Products

4 Winds of Change Organic Argan Oil

What if we could educate woman about why they should be aware of the chemicals in their everyday products and also provide a high quality products that are pure and natural? What if that solution met our company goals and created global change?

That's exactly what we did when we introduced Organic Moroccan Argan oil as the the first quality item in our new 4 Winds of Change Natural Product line. Find out why we chose this exceptional product here.

The Easy BBQ Grill Mat Plus

O.K. So When I want something I make it happen!

I love to cook and grill and was intrigued by 'mats' that you can use on your barbecue. The one thing I didn't like is that they were all made in China. So what's a girl to do? My partner and I decided to find a US based company to make one just for our Solutions with Style line of products! 

... and it comes with a fabulous CookBook we developed just for you.